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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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duck hunting club worried for their neighbors. >> i knew it was close to my place so i wanted to make sure it is okay. we dodged a bullet and i want to know how my neighbors are doing. >> we have evacuated grizzly island. the children have been evacuated from the rush ranch and we are limiting access to grizzly island. >> reporter: fire officials tell me just two people suffered injuries, minor smoke inhalation at an explosives facility nearby. more than 100 firefighters are on the scene using one air attack plane and one chopper. the fire was 65% contained by 4:00 and they expect to fully contain it tonight. >> people all over the bay area
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were flooding our station with calls about the fire. there was a smoke advisory because of the fire. taking a look at what is happening over the oakland estuary. we are about 50 miles a i way from the sasson fire. you see some hay there in the background. see whatted like just two hours ago. we took these pictures when we were looking east back toward the oakland hills. you sea an awful lot of haze and smoke in the air. >> it comes around here all the time. i have never seen this much smoke. >> it makes it not pretty. that's for sure. it's a beautiful day and it is just not that beautiful. >> i was just wondering what was going on. i actually had to take off my sunglasses. >> i didn't know what it was. i was just hoping it is not the city or something. >> that smoke advisory means
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people should try to stay indoors with windows and doors closed. and of course, the fire danger we have been talking a lot about red flag warnings. the key has been the wind. the wind has really picked up over the bay area for the hills and the delta. current conditions around the fire zone toward solano county. 81 degrees. winds out of the north, humidity levels at 15%. here is a closer inspection of the terrain around highway 12 with the fire zone. we will back this out once again. as i mentioned the wind speeds have been key and what is more important, the wind direction has been the source of the transport of the smoke. northeasterly winds really cranking up last evening over night and this morning. those winds, there's the fire pushing the smoke plume across the bay. approaching even san francisco. i noticed over the last hour or
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two, that smoke is beginning to lift, the reflection of the fire crews getting the better handle. coming up, i will let you know when the red flag warning expires and i will highlight the warmest day of the weekend. strong winds are fanning a fire in napa county as well. but crews appear to have the upper hand with the fire 75% contained. it started last night. so far the fire has burned through 367 acres. crews hope to have it fully contained tonight. a red flag warning remains in the higher elevations where the winds are at their strongest. john fowler is in contra costa county where it is the worst. >> reporter: we are in orinda. you can see the brown hills of lafayette in front of me. down further, mount diablo. with the dry brush and the dry winds here for many people,
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this has been a scary day. these hills are ready to burn. the national weather service today said california is now at its highest fire risk in five years. >> warm, but it is not too warm. but it is windy and it is coming the wrong direction. it is frightening. >> reporter: she said it reminded her of 1991. dry north winds fanned the most destructive urban fire. 3800 homes, 1.5 billion in damage and 25 dead. it started as a grass fire that was thought put out but shoulders overnight. that is why this morning at pine hurst and the oakland hills, they were glad to put this fire out. our camera was there when contra costa firefighters closed the station that was supposed to be open during this red flag warning. >> yesterday we were able to do it. today, we don't have the
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personnel. >> reporter: contra costa and five other agencies battled this grass fire in livermore today stretches crews thinner. by luck, a plowed field stopped this one. >> it makes me nervous because it is so dry. you can feel it. and you know, there's a lot of nature around here that is a target for this weather. >> reporter: that wind has made people nervous all afternoon. there are no active wild fires in this county right now. they are surging anyone who sees smoke to call 911. reporting live in orinda, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will bring you updates throughout the newscast on this. a sell out crowd of die hard as fans gets ready to rock the oakland coliseum tonight. game one against the detroit
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tigers gets underway in about 90 minutes. we have team coverage of the as playoff run. we begin with rob roth who is live where the fans have been celebrated for hours. >> reporter: fans have been screaming let's go oakland. fans are still arriving. the gates opened a half hour ago. some of these fans came to the coliseum noon just to hang out all afternoon in the parking lot. not wanting to miss a moment of the excitement. >> i'm the designated tailgater. i have food in the back. friends will be here in a little bit and we are ready to party. >> my son has been an as fan since he has been about two. and we just want to soak up every minute. >> reporter: while the grounds crew is applying the finishing
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touching to the field, many fans were applying the finishing touches on the barbecue. >> go as ! yeah! >> cost more than my tickets. >> reporter: more than 48,000 people are expected inside the ballpark now that the as have opened up the third deck. with that kind of support, the detroit tigers don't have a chance. >> the tigers are going down. >> reporter: some fans may not know yet they are fans. his mother was in labor with him last year in the playoffs. >> now he is able to experience it and it is pretty amazing. >> reporter: back live, fans are still coming in. they have to pass through a medal detecter like at the airport. the first pitch is an hour-and- a-half away. the fans promise it will be loud. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the oakland as have their game faces on and they are ready to go. our team coverage continues now
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with fred inglis. he joins us live on the field just ahead of the big game. fred? >> reporter: yeah, it is going to be very breezy, very loud, smoky here, 48,000 fans on hand here. mostly as fans of course. they all expect a very hard fought best of five series. now the as will host tonight and tomorrow night's game one and game two. last year, these same two teams met when the home team won the first four teams. then detroit eliminated oakland here in the coliseum. the as are a different team this season. shortstop jed lowrie who joined the club this year says starting off with a win is a big deal but they are also in it for the long haul. >> in a five game series, game one is important, but it would be a mistake to characterize it as a must win game. it is important, and we would like to win, but you know, it is not the end of the series after tonight. >> reporter: well it is nice to
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hope at home. >> last year we had the home field advantage but didn't open at home. which you know, a little out of the ordinary. we are excited about being able to play on a friday night in front of our fans with a few more people, you know, in the stands and we know this can be a pretty loud place. >> this is a very, very good club. a very tough club. you know, they play the game right. they are not really fancy. and neither are we. but they are just tough baseball players. and, believe me when i tell you we have the utmost respect for them and we hope they feel the same way about us. >> reporter: yeah, the two winningest pitchers in the american league. max sherzer takes the mound against bartolo colon. the as are just hoping that they can get past the first round. the first round of the playoffs for just the second time in
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their last seven playoff appearances. reporting live in oakland, fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. attorneys representing major league baseball asked san jose to dismiss a lawsuit. they say they are preventing financial damage by preventing mlb from moving to the city. the judge has not said if he has made a decision yet. now to the looming front of another bart strike. we are now just six days away from the 60 day cooling off period that was ordered. bart's unions say they could give a 72 hour notice of a strike on monday. for its part, bart has crunched the numbers now from the union's latest proposal and says they are still lacking. the two sides have been meeting all week long. last month, bart said it was $112 apart from the union
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proposal. last week, they lowered that gap to $100 million. it was reduced to $89 million, but it is not just about money. the unions want a three year contract. bart is insisting on a four- year deal. bart has said some of the managers are certified to operate the trains and could possibly run very limited service during a strike. tom vacar has been doing some digging to find out exactly ha the certification means. his findings are coming up at 5:45. new details tonight on yesterday's lockdown in washington dc following a police chase and a deadly shooting not far from capitol hill and the white house. the mother of the 34-year-old woman shot and killed said her daughter was suffering from post partum depression. miriam carey was delusional and thought president obama was
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communicating with her. tourists say they were stunned. >> they had the car surrounded and the car whipped around and drove off. >> it was very scary. it was pop, pop, pop. in two rounds. >> investigators searched carey's home and found medication to treat mental illness. now to the continuing coverage of the ongoing government shut down. this is a live picture here from washington dc where that shut down is now in its fourth day and unfortunately, little has changed. the rhetoric is still the same on both sides though the volume definitely went up today. >> this isn't some game! the american people don't want their government shut down and neither do i! all we are asking for is to sit down and have a discussion and bring fairness
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to the government. >> this shut could be over today. if speaker boehner would allow that vote to take place, we can end the shutdown. >> the president made those comments at a sandwich shop near the white house where he walked for lunch. the president may have no problem getting lunch, but that is not the case for some local school kids. programs that helped the bay area students get fresh fruits and vegetables were temporarily shut down, but ahead in 15 minutes, the late developments we just learned about that could help keep the program afloat. saying good-bye to a san francisco teenager killed in a car crash. the woman police say is responsible is out on bail. the medical emergency that could have been to blame for the crash. >> plus the threat of another bart strike. we investigate whether managers are really trained to take over and operate bart strains. the request we filed for
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documents and what the documents showed. >> a major break in a high profile homicide case in the city of oakland. the arrest, the charges and the interviews with a victim's family.
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>> only on 2 tonight, a dying man's last wish to see someone arrested for killing his son has come true. two people were arrested in connection with the death of charles butler jr. >> reporter: peering out the window, a dying man with one last wish. on his mind, his son by his side. his daughter. >> i can't imagine what my dad is going through.
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losing his only son. >> december, 2011, west oakland, police say charles butler junior bumped a car while parking, an argument ensues, then butler is shot and killed. murder charges were filed today against two men in connection to the homicide. 21-year-old jiovante douglas and 24-year-old cardier hunter. a break in the case came after someone saw a story ktvu aired last month about butler's fathers last wish to see an arrest before he passes away. >> one of the witnesses came forward and gaveus the key piece we needed. >> reporter: charles butler was laid to rest nearly two years ago. now, a message from his family with a break in the case to the man now in custody. >> we don't wish any harm on
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anyone, however, when someone has done what they did, they deserve to get the maximum punishment. >> i just feel and i hope that they feel the heartfelt pain that me and my family have felt since my son was murdered by them. >> reporter: charles butler will still peer out the window. >> now i will probably be able to get me a few nights of good rest. >> reporter: and he will do so with a heavy heart looking out for signs his son is looking down on him. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. the alameda county office says that the one suspect in custody will be arraigned monday. the highway patrol says it was an autistic child who was seriously injured today when a car hit him walking on a busy freeway in the east day. the 12-year-old boy was hit in oakland on eastbound 580 near
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fruitvale avenue. according to the chp, several drivers called 911 saying someone was running out in the lanes of traffic. the child may have been disoriented. he is now in a medically induced coma. a man has charges he ran naked in a bart station. 21-year-old garazabalo is charged with false imprisonment and sexual battery. but his defender says what he really needs is public health treatment. the judge will take up the case again next wednesday. the san francisco man accused of running a billion dollars online drug marketplace denies the charges against him. that is what ross olbrich's attorney says. this was a sketch from today
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when his detention hearing was postponed. he is the man accused of running silk road allowing men to shield their identities while buying and selling drugs. he was arrested yesterday. they want him transferred to new york to face the charges. the highly anticipated bluegrass festival kicked off today in san francisco. that was jesse dee. he is one of many performers slated this week. also on the list, amy lou harris. the festival is free. for a full list of musicians, just go to and click on hot topics. well i live in oakland and that smoke was really heavy today. i checked the website to see if there was a fire in oakland. you could smell the fire and the smoke. >> it was the thick smoke
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pushing in. the wind pushed the smoke quickly into the bay area. all a function of the wind speeds as well. you can see the winds out in fair field sustained 22 miles an hour. oakland, out of the northeast at 16 miles an hour and more wind reports are beginning to back off. you can see about 10 to 20 miles an hour. the wind advisory as expired as well. so we will continue to expect a decrease in the winds for tonight and tomorrow morning, but we still have a hint of an offshore breeze. as a result, we have mostly clear skies out there. here is our camera out in san francisco. a few hours ago, this was filled with the smoke layer. but things have improved now. as far as the wind speeds, they were really picking up last night. here is a look at some of the peak gusts over the last 24 hours near mount tam. the wind around fairfield travis air force base, a gust
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up to 45 miles an hour. still some wind out there. the fire warning still in place until 6:00 tomorrow morning. north bay hill, solano county, east bay hills, out to the santa cruz mountains, still dry and breezy seasons. very low humidity levels. fire danger does remain elevated right is onto the weekend. it is the time of year when fire danger is always a concern. look at that 79 degrees in san francisco. livermore checking in at 80 degrees. napa, 83 at last check. the forecast tomorrow looks pretty good. started the morning at 50 degrees but a nice recovery. 69 by 11:00, approaching the lower 80s for the high saturday. as far as the game forecast in oakland, the game forecast is still mostly clear skies out
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there. a bit of some haze still with that. i guess it is not going to come up. i can tell you temperatures will be in the low to mid 70s for the first pitch of the game. mostly sunny and warm, the extended forecast speeches a chance of a shower. it will be in the upper 40s for santa rosa. liver more, 50 degrees. for the afternoon hours, you can see a nice recovery. 70s for pacifica, lots of low to mid 80s . could be a little warmer, the warm weather pattern sticks around into sunday. we cool things off monday and tuesday. look at this later in the week. a chance of a shower. we will talk about that later in our five-day forecast coming up in the next weather forecast. >> thank you mark. governor brown makes history. what milestone he will hit as of next week. plus stormy weather as the
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gulf coast braces for tropical storm weather. one key agency is being impacted by the government shut down. a bay area teen killed just feet from his front door. why police believe he may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. plus answers about this car fire that sent tesla stock plummeting. all coming up at 6:00.
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>> people living along the gulf coast are preparing for tropical storm karen along the gulf of mexico. evacuation orders have been issued for some areas. the storm is expected to make landfall tomorrow night. karen is the first named storm to hit the country this hurricane season which runs from june through november. the white house says despite the partial government shut down, fema will be able to respond to tropical storm karen. however, there are concerns about whether the national oceanic and atmospheric agency will be prepared. the national weather service is a division of noaa. they were told they are not essential. the move means there are fewer experts keeping watch on tropical storm karen as it approaches the coastline. >> i'm concerned about the american public. yes. i'm concerned about the people living on the coastlines that
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are vulnerable to storm surge. >> people worried about the storm can't get information from noaa's website either. it is also shut down. it now directs users to other government websites saying only websites necessary to protect lives and property will be maintained. governor jerry brown will become the longest serving governor on monday. we will show you a picture here of brown at 36 at his inauguration back in 1975. he made an unsuccessful run. then he was elected mayer of oakland. he returned as governor two years ago. he was able to run again. he is expected to run for reelection next year. some changes are coming to instagram. what will soon be popping up on the social networking site. but first. >> friends say good-bye to a
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teenager killed in a devastating collision and we hear from the attorney of the woman police are blaming for the crash. >> hello, i am susan bennett. >> the woman behind the voice of siri reveals herself. >> plus, local kids affected by the government shutdown. how resourceful teachers saved an east bay class' field trip to a national park.
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>> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> saying good-bye too soon. today loved ones of this san francisco teen killed by a speeding driver gathered in his honor. the attorney for the woman behind the wheel offers an explanation for what caused the crash. david stevenson is live in san francisco with that and the ongoing heartbreak for the victim's father. david? >> reporter: gasia, we spoke to his father this afternoon, and the lawyer of the woman responsible for the death. a steady stream of mourners.
5:33 pm
snapshots of happier times in sam's rotc uniform. >> i taught him how to play the drum and everything. >> reporter: the teen was killed a week ago when his family's mini van was rear ended. 58-year-old jenny zoo was driving as fast as 80 miles an hour before the crash. she has been booked on a vehicular manslaughter charge and is out on bail. charges have not been filed. >> it is an active investigation. >> reporter: he worners if his client had a small stroke while driving. he said i have tried to speak with her three times and all she does is cry. mention the young man sand she just falls apart. >> he was always so cheerful, so playful. and i mean, he made everybody laugh. >> reporter: for heaven's father, it is a tragedy with no
5:34 pm
end in sight. his wife remains in critical condition. >> after the accident, she is still in a coma now. >> reporter: kevin's father thanks members of the community for raising money for his funeral. burial services for the teen are set at 9:30 tomorrow morning and they are open to the public. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a daly city man is behind bars accused of beating a woman to death with a baseball bat. richard willis was arrested. the 25-year-old woman suffered major injuries. the relationship between willis and the victim was not disclosed but the attack
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stemmed from an ongoing dispute. a family of six will not be able to go home for a while after a fire started in their house. firefighters say it appears to have begun in the attic. the mother who lives there said she smelled smoke. she realized it was her house on fire and grabbed her children and elderly parents and ran outside. >> i just got the keys, i come back, go back, and i come out. and i try to get passport. i go back, i cannot go back in. i cannot breathe. >> most of the smoke damage was upstairs. the cause of the fire is under investigation. opening statements were made today in the trial of max wade. prosecutor told jurors that wade is a cunning ruthless
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villain willing to kill because he couldn't get the girl he wanted. he is always accused of stealing a car in 2011. instagram users can expect to start seeing ads. this is the attempt to turn their popularity into revenue. facebook owns instagram. users will have the option of hiding and rejecting an ad and tell the company what they don't like about an ad. a class thought they were going to learn about science, but instead, they got a real live education on how government works. paul chambers is live to see how the shut down almost ended the trip. >> reporter: trank, the class returned back to class an hour ago. they were headed to the volcanic national park. since it is a national park, it was closed tuesday when the government shut down meaning the kids had to go. >> the government decided
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something about they were closing down so we had to move about two days in. >> reporter: now here are some pictures of the students taken on their trip. this is andrew an annual outing for the sixth grade class. they had to quickly come up with new lesson plans and a place for all 40 students to stay and still learn about science with the government twist. >> the teachers got resourceful and we knew the area very well and moved up to bernie falls state park. slept in tents and changed our lesson plans. >> reporter: now coming up at news at 7:00, you will hear how quickly that trip was almost canceled. the government shut down also caused a scramble at one
5:38 pm
east bay school. >> the shut down could have an affect on food. why the price of dairy products may be going up. >> and the pope makes a trip to italy. why his trip was so special.
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>> organizers say tighter security should not stop people from enjoying the new york city marathon. it will include more bag serge searches but bags will not be banned all together. the changes are because of the boston bombing. last year's new york city marathon was canceled because of damage from superstorm sandy. the retrial of amanda knox took place in italy. but she is free and living in seattle with no plans to return to italy. new dna evidence is being presented at the trial. knox and her boyfriend were convicted of murdering a brittics exchange student in 2007. those convictions where overturned for lack of evidence. pope francis went to the
5:42 pm
hometown of his name sake. he prayed at the shrine of the saint of the name he chose. saint francis spent his life administering to the poor. a lawsuit says cameron stole his idea for the film of avatar. he won another legal challenge by another man claiming he stole his ideas. another lawsuit is pending. a avatar remains the highest grossing film of all time. >> the voice of siri comes forward. >> my name is susan bennett. you probably know me. i'm the voice of siri. >> susan bennett says she recorded siri in 2005. she says the job took four
5:43 pm
hours a day an entire month. she told cnn it was a little creepy to hear her voice on the iphone. >> this real thing you can interact with in your hand was a little ... it took some time for me to get used to it. but she and i are friends now. >> i'm leaving now siri. >> her voice can be heard on gps devices and on airlines. a san francisco neighborhood gets some new bragging rights but first. >> bart and the unions both say how important it is to make sure there are state certified train operators. but wait until you see what state certification really is. >> a big warmup today across the entire bay area. coming up, the temperature change you can expect saturday. when the fire danger comes down and we have rain to talk about in the five day. more on that after the break. ♪
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join us at and thrive. >> returning now to our coverage of the looming threat of a bart strike. if talks ultimately fail, bart managers could be running limited train service in a week. tom vacar has this story you will see only on 2. here. >> reporter: here in vallejo, managers are already being
5:47 pm
trained on the trains. they are certified. >> we have 1 managers who are already certified and we can start doing some training with noncertified employees but we can't do the real hands on training until employees go on strike. >> reporter: if unions insist that those managers are not certified. >> they are not certified. they may have previously been at some point in their life, but there are constant revisions, constant changes and it has been years since they were certified. >> reporter: weeks ago when we asked to see the certifications, they would not answer. so i filed a california public records act request which forces them to answer. and here are the answers. in that response, they admitted they do not certify transit operators. cpuc says it has no records of who is certified or not. all it does is oversee the
5:48 pm
processes. it is up to bart to make sure all operators are properly trained and certified. they don't even have the copy of the bart training manual. bart certifies all training operators ray tores. >> if someone doesn't meet the safety standards, they are not certified. >> reporter: so anyone thinking the pcuc is providing extra protection for riders need only look at how their oversight blew up in san bruno. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. china town in san francisco has been named one of the top ten neighborhoods of 2013 by  the american planning association. the group said it selected china town because of their architecture and community activism. it is a great community that has retained its character over the past century. firefighters were able to
5:49 pm
keep a fast moving grass fire from spreading to apartments this afternoon. it was reported near 708 and east fifth avenue. crews from vallejo and contra costa county battled the fire. they had the fire under control by 4:15. no word yet on a cause. obviously, there was a lot of fire concern, but at the same time, the weather is absolutely beautiful out there, specially for the as game. >> a real warm up. clear skies, and a weekend of round temperatures, the wind advisories have been allowed to expire. temperatures from today, look at the warmup. lots of 80s out there. even san francisco just checking in 80 degrees, san jose topped out 82. santa rosa, 85 degrees for the high from today. as far as the wind speeds, breezy, so the wind is still a factor, but the winds have been coming down a bit.
5:50 pm
in the north, sustained in fairfield, 33. wednesdays out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour as well. as far as current temperatures, santa rosa, 84 degrees. san jose 81 with mostly clear skies. here is the overall weather set up. you are probably hearing about the snowstorm? south dakota having a factor in our forecast as well. high pressure offshore, low pressure to the east. that is the source of all of the wind today. but the winds are beginning to relax. decreasing wind for the weekend, but still elevated fire danger, the red flag warning in place until 6:00 saturday morning. 70s and 80s around the bay and the warmest locations we are thinking some mid 80s so we are starting out in the 50s for most spots, a few upper 40s
5:51 pm
possible. big orange area here, that is the 80-degree range. most areas tomorrow, about the same as today, could be a little warmer. as far as bluegrass and golden gate park, great weather. temperatures, look at that, 76 degrees. forecast highs for tomorrow. about the same as today. temperatures checking in around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, oakland tops out 82 degrees, antioch mid 80s , livermore. 83, san jose will go to 84 and san francisco, another round of 80-degree temperatures spanning most of the days in the 70 but a forecast high of 80 downtown. a repeat performance into sunday. a drop off in temperatures will thicken up the cloud temperatures. here is the rain cloud. we could track a few sprinkles or light showers just a chance for tuesday night and into wednesday, but the weekend looks just great. >> the government shut down
5:52 pm
could have had a devastating effect on one school in oakland, but something came in the mail today that saved the program that provides kids with healthy snacks. >> killed in a gang feud, he wasn't a part of. >> he was a good kid. he was loyal. he was a loyal person. >> the mother of this murdered teen talked with us about that tragic day. plus ... >> the 129 stops a major fire. we will tell you how think helps the unit. >> these stories and more coming up in less than ten minutes at 6:00.
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>> okay, if you are a fan of the tv show breaking bad and you still haven't seen the finale, this is your spoiler alert. a lot of fans of the popular tv show are trying to get their hands on today's edition of the albuquerque journal. you can see a fake entry for walter white whose main character of the series. some plans placed the obituary in the paper as a tribute to the show. the american farm bureau say it is american shut down will mean you are going to have to pay more for dairy products. a farm bill was included in the budget that congress has failed to pass. that means less assistance for farmers who will pass the cost
5:56 pm
onto all of us. the farm bureau says depending on how long the government shut down is, the price of milk could double. this is just a little spray up in your nose. >> the vaccine came in a spray instead of an injection at this charter school. the flu vaccine is very important say doctors. >> every year, many children get very sick from school contact and not only they themselves get sick, they infect the rest of the class and potentially bring it back home. at home, there might be elderly and also the younger brothers and sisters can get sick as well. >> the health department was expected to vaccinate about 120 children at that school. good news tonight in the middle of this government shut down. the school district thought a
5:57 pm
program wouldn't be funded for healthy snacks for the students, but parents bracing for the worse got a surprise late today. >> it is meant to be healthy. and tasty. >> i just love vegetables. >> the wellness program provides kids with a snack of fruits and vegetables three times a week. >> they are so yummy and they make you stronger. >> the fear those snacks would stop coming, it is funded through a usda grant and the government shut down had everything on hold. >> this is a perfect example how that type of thing is affecting the children in our community. >> eight oakland schools get the produce. >> our senators, our congressmen, they are eating fine. they are eating just fine. their staff is eating fine. we just want some fruits and vegetables for our kids.
5:58 pm
>> a few days, a few weeks, i don't know how long we can go. >> reporter: parents were scrambling and calling local food banks. then later today, it turns out a government check arrived that will fund the grants through november. these kids cannot imagine school without their snacks. >> that would be like not having anything healthy. >> reporter: produce deliveries will resume wednesday. now at 6:00, the bay area under a red flag warning tonight. but the bigger concern, the smoky skies. we are tracking a wild fire sending smoke across the region. gang violence claims an innocent life. >> there is no reason for this. he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> vallejo police are trying to keep the public safe. >> and the government shut down
5:59 pm
hits bay area's fire readiness. we will tell you which crews are furloughs and which are standing by at the ready. >> this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> flames charred more than 1,000 acres and burned a ranch building but this rural wild fire is creating a big problem across the bay area tonight. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. julie haener has the evening off. the smoke that filled the skies earlier is dispating. the san francisco skyline looks pretty clear. >> look at this. this was the scene before 3:00 p.m. the smoke was so dense, the san francisco skyline pretty much disappeared and that is that prompted air quality officials to issue a smoke advisory. >> ktvuwe have been talking
6:00 pm
about the dangerous offshore winds transporting the dangerous smoke plumes. 80 degrees, winds gusting at 25 miles an hour. humidity, very dry at 16%. so we talk about a north wind coming out of this direction, what should be showing up, we will show you that coming upright now. northerly wind to a northeast. that is the overall direction today. with the smoke plume with the fire, you can see the smoke being transported close tore the bay and covering berkeley, hayward, approaching san francisco and the bay bridge itself. with the winds topping 20 to 25 miles an hour, an easy transport to transportation process, just based on visuals over the past hour or so, i have noticed improvement with


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